Monday, January 11, 2010

A day with me thinking......

So today, I had the day off and woke up quite late. My injury from last night at work is still killing me. Hopefully my foot will heal up soon though so I won't limp everywhere, lol.

I learned today that I have a few goals for myself to achieve for the future. I would like to lose some weight, pay off debt, and find the career I want to be in.

As for my goals for the next month, I would like to start going to Dooly's to play pool on a regular basis. I have not been to Dooly's in ages now it seems. I love how you get lost in the atmosphere of Dooly's. It's very true to their logo "Good friends, good times.". I use to go to it on a regular basis last summer. But now I rarely ever go.

I also would like to reconnect with my girls and possibly go out for a girls night out preferably to Rev. I have always really wanted to go to Rev and I find that most people that I know don't want to go to it. Those that have went say its overrated, its just a club with expensive drinks. I have seen pictures of Rev and its probably overrated. However, it looks so pretty in the pictures and it seems classy to me anyways. I have never been a person who goes to the bars or clubs regularly so I haven't seen many places.

I realize that many people probably will never read this, and to be honest I wouldn't blame them. Ha, come on it's just me typing on about things going on in my life or my mind. So, here's to the next time I go on and on about something.

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  1. Mary, my bestie forever, I love reading your blog. You always interest me!! LOL I think you should definitely plan to visit the Rev or whatever if youre interested. How're you gonna know if its overrated if you don't try?? and for sure play more pool so I can kick your ass with my fluke shots the next time we see each other, lol. Love you wifeypoo