Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Long Day of Work....

Since it has been almost a week since I last blog, I figured I would catch everyone up. I worked Thursday till Sunday and had some interesting things happen in those few days. I will be splitting the events into to separate blogs since I am a high believer in separate my thoughts, or at least attempting it.

As I said earlier I was working Thursday till Sunday. Those days are quite busy in restaurant business. So we constantly run out of things. Which poses two options, one we have none made or we have none in the store. In most cases we have none made for example on Saturday we ran out of 8 different types of items. They were ramekins of coleslaw, large coleslaw's, flip Greek salad, flip garden salads, spinach chicken salad, burger toppings, chopped tomatoes and green onion. In the other case where we have none at moment is usually chicken. Depending on the demand of white or dark, it varies each night. Which brings me to the most common question at my work, "How can you ran out of chicken?". So I will answer this question. Our chicken spits takes at least 2 hours to cook. We put a spit in every 15 minutes, which equals 4 or 5 birds every 15 minutes. We estimate how busy each night will be, and we try to balance the demand and the product. Sometimes it does not balance well.

So the next time you are waiting for your meal keep in mind the people in the restaurant are trying their best to get you your food.

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